Todd Fields

Worship Leader • Pastor • Songwriter • Photographer

Todd is a worship leader, pastor, songwriter, and photographer. He is the founder of Worship Circlea ministry that exists to let worship leaders know they are loved and not alone. Leaders from all over the world join online small group community with a veteran leader of their choice for life changing experience and training. Todd, his wife Carrie and their 4 boys, Chandler, Carter, Connor, and Collin live in Alpharetta, GA.

Todd has led worship for more than 25 years alongside the ministries of Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, Louie Giglio, Andy Stanley and others. Todd travels both in the US and internationally leading worship and helping churches develop the worship component of their services.

Over the past few years, Todd has been developing his passion for astrophotography. Stay tuned for more pictures and tips on how you too can capture the beauty of God’s night time creation! 


Why Astrophotography?

I’ve always been fascinated by space. From watching the early Apollo splashdown’s to seeing the moon for the first time through my dad’s surveying transit in my grandparents yard in Carrollton, GA. When Carrie and I first got married, Comet Hale Bopp was set in the sky every day around sunset and I was blown away by it. I started out viewing with binoculars (as all folks should because they’re not terribly expensive and they’re “stereo”..seriously…it’s breathtaking and WAY more impressive than a telescope…your welcome). Carrie helped me acquire my first telescope our first year of marriage by giving me her Christmas money. I’ve never forgotten that! That’s LOVE! The first time I setup the scope and saw Saturn’s rings…I found a new way to worship God. Each night I’d go out in my backyard and see what I could find. After all…every new season offers new sites…and God’s pretty much given us a treasure chest of spectacular objects to see! I started astrophotography by putting a film camera on a tripod next to my scope and aiming it through the eyepiece. It was tough…but I finally got a decent shot of Saturn. 

Once Carrie and I started having kids…everything paused….for 20 years. A few years ago I got the scope back out and also decided to begin trying to capture some photos. The early stuff was pretty rough…but I’ve studied and failed…and learned a lot over a short amount of time. I’ll be sharing some helps soon for any of you that are interested in stepping into the hobby. It really is a great way to be alone with God…to worship…the be with Him.

Much love,

Blood Moon Wallpaper
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Blood Moon Wallpaper

This is a HI-RES downloadable photo perfect for giant print, wallpaper for your phone, or desktop. It was captured on January 21, 2019 at 12:10am. One of the great things about a lunar eclipse is that it allows one to keep the shutter open for an extended amount of time which in turn brings stars into view! *If purchasing on iPhone...please turn phone to landscape mode to allow shopping cart to come into view*

*All proceeds go to support the worship leader ministry of Worship Circle*

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